Importing Users
CSV Upload

Direct CSV Upload

If you want more control over the exact users to import into your Multibase workspace, use the CSV upload feature.

In this guide, we'll walk through the steps to upload a CSV file containing user data.

Step 1: Click the "Import CSV" button

From the addresses (opens in a new tab) page, click the "Import CSV" button.

Import CSV button

Step 2: Select chain

Select the chain you want to import users to.

Select chain

Step 3: Configure CSV fields

The columns you need to import your CSV are as follows:

  • address: The address of the user you want to import
  • label: The label you want to assign to the user (optional)

Leave the label column blank if you don't want to assign a label to the user.


0x123...Twitter Campaign #12
0x456...Discord User
0x789...Twitter Follower
0xabc...Discord User
0xdef...Twitter Follower

Step 4: Import CSV and wait for synchronization

Click the confirm button and wait for the addresses to synchronize.